CADA Overview

Our Mission

"The Canadian Assistive Devices Association will strengthen the assistive devices industry in Canada for the benefit of all members through advocacy, coordinated representation at all government levels, and business-building networking opportunities."

About Us

A unified industry is a more powerful industry. As the only association in Canada advocating for members of the assistive devices industry, CADA is helping:

  • Impact federal, provincial, and municipal government policies, procedures and initiatives;
  • Streamline the approval process for new technologies and products;
  • Create a more timely reimbursement process;
  • Build nationwide awareness about their organizations and products;
  • Expand the Canadian market by demonstrating the long-term economic and health benefits of assistive devices at the government, professional and consumer levels;
  • Members enhance profitability and target growth opportunities based on reliable communications, dedicated government representation, and industry education;
  • Improve the quality of life of Canadians with home healthcare needs.

CADA’s professional, experienced leadership works with member committees and other organizations representing stakeholders in the sector to determine issues, develop plans, and advocate for results.

Membership in CADA is open to any organization that manufactures, distributes or sells assistive products, including mobility, prostheses, respiratory, hearing, vision, communications, and orthotic devices as well as diabetic and enteral feeding supplies and specialized seating systems.

We are proud to work at the federal government level with CRA, NIHB, Ministry of Defence, Veterans Affairs, and Ministry of Health with Medical Establishment licence. CADA offers membership to not for profit organizations and service providers whose members/customers use our products and services.

Why Join CADA?

  • Have direct input on advocacy issues
  • Raise your national profile through industry communications, conferences, and events
  • Create a more powerful, unified presence for governments, stakeholders and public
  • Receive exclusive access to CADA communications, research, and updates
  • Maximize synergies through networking opportunities and committee work

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Click here to become a member by filling out the membership application or contact us here for further information.

Membership Benefits


Government Advocacy

  • Lobbying
  • Policy Development and Maintenance
  • Product Approval Education
  • Reimbursement Process Support
  • Legislature Days
  • Research, Resources and Feedback


  • CADA Website
  • CADA Newsletter
  • Regular Briefings
  • Event Updates and Activity Reports
  • Provincial Reports
  • Executive Director Bulletins
  • Membership Support

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments
  • Patient Groups
  • Not-for-Profit Associations
  • Group Health and P&C Insurers
  • Service Providers
  • Medical and Healthcare Professionals
  • Media

Professional Networking

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Regional Conferences
  • Educational Seminars and Webinars
  • Special Events